Past Events

5th International conference on Recent Trends in Structural Materials - COMAT 2018 was held on November 14th - 16th at the Vienna House Easy Pilsen, Czech Republic, EU. Conference was organized by company TANGER Ltd. and COMTES FHT a.s. From 195 registered persons from 24 countries 179 participants attended the conference (e.g. from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Japan, Austria, Croatia, Algeria, etc).

Conference was opened by speech of Assoc. Prof. Jan Džugan from COMTES FHT a.s. Plenary lecture entitled "Bulk Nanostructured Metals for Advanced Medical Implants and Devices" was performed by Prof. Ruslan Z. Valiev from Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Ufa, Russian Federation. After the end of the plenary session, the workshops of the companies Sobriety and Zwick Roell CZ followed. The presentation of the other 75 lectures took place until Friday, November 16th, 2018. 

Poster session was held on Nov 14th and winners of the poster session were announced during the social evening in Na Spilce restaurant (part of Pilsen brewery). Winners of the Best Poster Contest: 
1st place: Ken-ichi SAITOH (Kansai University, Osaka, Japan),
2nd place: Bartłomiej SZWED (Kielce University of Technology, Poland, EU),
3rd place: Thomas KLEIN (Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH, Austria, EU).

Excursion to company COMTES FHT a.s. - conference accompanying program - was held on Nov 15th.

Next conference COMAT will be held in 2020.